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Boltz Foundation’s mission is to provide access for individuals to participate in educational, and athletic opportunities while promoting the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. The Boltz Foundation shall provide leadership and workforce development for underserved populations and/or the economically disadvantaged by providing quality training and services that help to develop life skills and promote social and economic diversity.   


The Boltz Foundation provides opportunities to learn, live healthier lives and to develop socially and economically..


  • Compassion: We value all people by acting with compassion and empathy

  • Leadership:  We teach and inspire leadership through peer leadership programming and evidence based strategies.

  • Education: We invest in comprehensive education and the continued growth of all who share our mission.

  • Diversity: We operate with inclusivity, diversity, diversity and equity without bias.

  • Respectfully: We sustain an authentic work culture where everyone feels respected, heard and trusted.

  • Ethical: We embody the highest standards of quality. Integrity and ethics

  • Partnership: We serve as a reliable, respectful partner and hold our partners to our organizational standards.

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